Your Top 3 Student Loan Forgiveness Questions of 2017

Top 3 Student Loan Forgiveness Questions


Q: Can I Get My Private Student Loans Forgiven?

No, unfortunately the government programs known as student loan forgiveness and loan discharge, only apply to federal student loans. There are options available for your private student loans however, these relief options are not federally funded and they don’t fall under the loan forgiveness umbrella (ask us for more information on this).

Q: What If I’m Still Enrolled in School?

At this time, you can only enroll in federal forgiveness programs if you have graduated or dropped out. If you are graduating or leaving school soon, we can help you get the process started but you will not be fully enrolled until you’re completely done with school.

Q: Is This A Scam?

While we understand your concern, we assure you we are in no way a scam. We are a document preparation company that handles paperwork on behalf of students and borrowers. We help our clients get accepted and enrolled into any of the loan forgiveness programs and get their loans fully consolidated. While this is something you can attempt to do on your own, it is not recommended just as most don’t recommend doing your own taxes. Student Loan FAQs prides itself on being completely transparent with our clients. We take care of the paperwork so you don’t have to while expediting the process and maximizing your relief.

Any information obtained during the process is solely used for the purpose of servicing your account and is not shared with third parties at any time. We are fully accredited and A-rated with the Better Business Bureau as well as the AFSLR and the Association For Student Loan Relief. We take great pride in our work, as any of our thousands of happy clients can attest to. Should you have any questions/concerns on this matter, one of our friendly loan specialists would be happy to discuss this with you.