American Inter-Continental University Fraud Practices

American Inter-Continental University Fraud Practices

Students claiming the American Inter-Continental University was their first step on the road to financial hell, a nightmare that never ends, and a certificate not worth the paper it was printed on are the unfortunate reality many students having attended this university have faced. Stuck in a financial prison of debt, students of this school’s predatory practices are left wondering how they ended up holding the bag for loans they didn’t’ even apply for.

Long-term debt repayment, loans in default, and credit so damaged they can’t even pursue further education elsewhere is what students got in exchange for signing up with American Inter Continental University. Some students are left with loans so large they total more than three years their current yearly salary. Between the large outstanding loan balances and the dismal employment prospects, these students are often left struggling financially for decades.

Many students nearing the end of their degrees at the university found they suddenly needed to take extra classes last minute in order to graduate and weren’t told they were going to be charged additional amounts for the courses. Others found that mysterious unpaid balances on their account were why they never received their diploma or transcripts, and some have had to take out additional loans just to get the piece of paper they worked so hard to get. The worst part of it all is those that do get their diploma suddenly find out what it’s worth…not much.

Many successful graduates have learned the hard lesson that employers aren’t interested once they see American Inter-Continental University on their candidate’s resumes leaving some at risk of homelessness and working multiple minimum wage jobs to try to pay their rent. With barely enough money to survive, these former students’ loans are sitting in default, and in the case of federal student loans, the taxpayers are left holding the bag as a result of the university’s shady business practices. Credits from the school are often non-transferable so those who try to follow another education route after American Inter-Continental soon find they will have to start from scratch. Due to loans in default or having maxed out their borrowing amounts, many are left unable to continue their education.

American Inter-Continental students nearing the end of their course of studies often find they are unable to receive their diplomas or transcripts as there are outstanding balances on their school accounts. Extra fees for classes they thought were included, fees or price changes often appear on accounts and prevent students from formally graduating. Students are then left having to fork over additional funds in order to receive their papers or are left without them…not that they turn out to be worth much once they’ve received them. Many students exiting the programs are shocked when third party credit agencies start hounding them for payments on loans they were unaware they took
American Inter-Continental is all about raking in the bucks and doesn’t much care whether or not its students are able to transfer their credits or obtain jobs after they walk out the door. After all, they’ve already collected more than their fair share of the students’ federal and private student loans.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans.

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