Argosy University Involved in Recent Lawsuit

A 2009 lawsuit filed in Dallas was settled in December 2013 between former students and Argosy’s parent company, EDMC. The lawsuit was launched due to complaints that students enrolled in doctorate programs were led to believe the school was accredited by the American Psychological Association for its 2 doctorate psychology programs. After enrollment, students were later told Argosy University hadn’t received accreditation yet but was working on it. At the time of the lawsuit, the school still had not applied to be granted APA approval. Parent company, EDMC, indicated that many Texas jurisdictions didn’t require any accreditation status for a licence to practice and stated it was not guilty of fraud. The settlement of $3.3 million was reached but this meant the Argosy University lawsuit did not force the school to admit liability

The 2010 Government Accountability report listed Argosy University along with 14 additional schools. Undercover applicants had been sent to the university and it was discovered that students were being told misleading and untrue statements regarding its accreditation status in order to get them enrolled. The school later appeared on Frontline, a PBS program under College Inc. exposing the disreputable and questionable practices of the school. The Florida Attorney general was also forced to investigate after it received eight complaints from consumers.
Attorney General, John Suthers, stated that the complaints filed complained that the school was marketing two PhD programs, one for a doctorate in clinical psychology, the other for a doctorate of education in counseling psychology. Students were led to believe they could work as licensed psychologists in their field even though the state of Colorado requires all psychologists to graduate from an APA-accredited program. The other program would never have qualified anyway as it was automatically excluded due to the fact that it was only taught on weekends, against APA requirements.

In June 2010, students were lied to and informed that the program wouldn’t be meeting the state requirements as the rules had recently changed. The rules were the same as they had been and this was just an attempt to pacify. Argosy then required its students to sign a document which stated they were in the program with full knowledge that there was no guarantee they would ever be able to receive a license to practice.

The settlement resulted in Argosy reimbursing 66 students for their tuition costs and was reached in a Denver District Court in December of 2013 and reiterated that Argosy University takes its students as its top priority. Although the students in the lawsuit may have received a portion of the settlement, they must return to school under an APA accredited program should they ever wish to work as licensed individuals in their field of study.

By the time the lawsuit was settled, no student who had taken part in the program was working as a licensed psychologist in Colorado or any other state. The school was also instructed to cease enrolling students in its program and to remove them. A year and a half later, Argosy still has the two programs listed on their website and has still not been APA accredited.

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  1. Kenneth Limon
    Kenneth Limon says:

    Hello, I spent the last 10 years in 2 programs at Argosy University, Draper, Utah campus. In 2008, I initially enrolled in the LMFT, Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapy Program. I left the program after 1.5 years with the intention of re-entering back into the LMFT Program after completing a number of courses. I was made a promise by Argosy’s Department Chairman that I can reenter the LMFT Program after one-year. Without a graduate program, the Forensic Psychology Program was offered by the Department Chairman. I enrolled in the Forensic Psychology Program, and after one-year met with the new Argosy’s Department Chairman stating that I would like to return to the LMFT Progam. My request was denied due to program changes where I was well into the Forensic Psychology Program. In October 2018, I completed the degree requirements for the Forensic Psychology Program with a 3.65% GPA.

    I was referred to Argosy University, Southern California to take the Comprehensive Examination. Surprisingly, after receiving one email that Argosy University was closing their campus doors to all students. On September 2018 the Comprehensive Examination was set and given, failing the exam upon three attempts. I feel that Argosy University did not prepare me for the Comprehensive Examination. Argosy University Draper, Utah campus did not have a Forensic Psychology Progam Department with no real person receive feedback to prepare me for the examination other than Academic Advising. Surprisingly during the first Comprehesive Examination, I received an email stating that Argosy University was closing their campus doors to all students.

    Before my second attempt, I contacted technical support to have the required textbooks by the author and title to be downloaded from the VitaSource library to my desktop. Technical support indicated that they could not download some of the required textbooks due to any longer being on their platform. In December 2018, on my 3rd attempt, I still didn’t have the required textbooks and was given a list of additional textbooks material to retrieve. I received an NC failed grade. After 10 years of walking on eggshells with Argosy University, Salt Lake City/Draper, Utah Campus, I feel that I have been treated unfairly in both programs. Not to mention the tuition cost of $2,400 per- course along with the enormous student loan debt Argosy University has placed me in with no graduate degree.

    I also feel that there are other students who are also being treated unfairly, and due to their closure. Argosy- University/Draper campus no longer has an LMFT Program due to licensure and went to the MFT Program. There were many students enrolled in the LMFT Program, and just wonder how Argosy University was able to get past telling the students that the program was not licensed and accredited upon their completion. What excuse was given to Argosy University students in their programs after the email of the Argosy closing its doors? Presently, I am seeking some relief from this 10-year nightmare that Argosy University has placed me through from a dream that never existed.


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