Devry University Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Devry University Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

The name Devry University is popping up in ways that aren’t being used to promote it as a viable education option. The subject of many investigations, this university is weighed down under a mountain of complaints but is still not as bad off as the mountain of debt its students’ are trying to deal with. Deceptive advertising, bribery, and misleading financial aid practices, and lawsuits are the talking points when it comes to Devry in the last few years.

Lawsuits have been initiated recently which have accused the university of circumventing federal regulation designed to put measures of control on for-profit colleges and universities which were implemented by Obama legislation. These regulations were intended to protect students from being taken advantage of and being loaded down with student debt for attempting to educate themselves and make it in this tough economic environment.

Instead, Devry has managed to finagle their way around this legislation and trade an often-useless diploma in exchange for $60,000 or more in student loan debt. If that weren’t enough, lawsuits accusing Devry of bribing students, sexual harassment, violation of internal company policy and exceeding enrollment quotas set by the government have been on the rise. Counselors exceeding these caps were given hefty bonuses and students were paid to post positive reviews on this university in Devry’s attempt to mislead students.

Devry’s entrance policies accept students who do not have the required skills and education to successfully complete their program which indicates they are knowingly setting students up to fail and struggle with overwhelming debt they can’t afford to pay. These students must now search out student loan debt relief programs or risk significant financial peril in order to survive.

Certificates and education received from Devry are often discounted as being of any value when employers are considering candidates for job positions. Reviews have indicated that employers who see Devry on a resume will often toss it in the do-not-interview pile meaning these students have paid $60,000 on education employers deem insufficient to actually do the job even at an entry level.

Students graduating from these programs are indicating that they are unable to find employment and are in default on their loans as they can’t afford to pay them. Although many lawsuits have been initiated against this company, it is still open for business and puts others at risk of falling into the same money trap. Students who have dropped out of or completed the program are left with a dilemma on how to go about paying for a rather expensive piece of paper they can’t do much with when attending a community college at ¼ the price would have given them a higher quality education they could have at least put to good use.

Student loan debt relief programs have been initiated by companies who will attempt to assist students with their efforts to crawl out from under this huge mountain of debt and can help reduce the payments to more manageable levels or can, at times, reduce the overall debt amount. While this does not erase the damage done by Devry for so many students, it is at least a viable solution for those struggling with their finances in this difficult position.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans.


Capella University Students Complain That Instructors Don’t Grade or Provide Feedback

Capella University complaints are certainly making a buzz online and the angry hive of bees making them is preparing to make their legal attack against the university. Many student complaints indicate that this scam school has instructors who don’t do grading, provide no feedback, and do not respond to questions regarding their comments on papers. Students are told they have failed but not given any indication as to what they got wrong and are told to schedule a rewrite. Constant requests for feedback on what they got wrong go unanswered and students then write the second submission only to fail it again without explanations. When an answer finally does come from instructors or for complaints to administrators, the sessions have long since ended and the response is now useless.

Many students complain that instructions often change grading rubrics, refuse to provide grading rubrics or their amendments to students, refuse to accept resubmissions, or have failed students for making an error in APA citation formatting. Such formatting is outlined to count for 5 points out of 50 per question in many circumstances so students are left scratching their heads as to how an APA error caused them to lose enough points to fail. Complaints submitted to administrators regarding unfair marking are ignored until after final grades are submitted and students are then told it is too late to regrade assignments or exams. Rude or abusive behavior by instructors is not dealt with by administration and students are forced to continue under these conditions without administrative correction.

The bulk of complaints regarding Capella is from students in the dissertation process to receive their PhDs. Many student complaints in this regard indicate that the school does not have enough mentors or committee members to provide the services for dissertation and students are forced to continuously reschedule and ask for extensions. That some students have waited over two years for their dissertation to be approved is appalling, to say the least. Worse yet, these students must pay $5,000 in tuition per semester to be part of the dissertation process even though they are not attending any classes.

Some students indicated that their dissertation proposal was rejected multiple times for being substandard. One such student brought their dissertation proposals to a consulting firm that works with Harvard dissertation students and was told it would have passed Harvard’s submission guidelines several revisions ago.  Some students have waited as long as a year for a simple meeting with the committee members only to have insufficient members show up at the scheduled time and have been forced to reschedule.

Current and former student complaints indicate a class action suit is in the works as students leave gather together in complaint forums and gather their forces to gain strength in numbers and meet the requirements of launching a class action suit. In the meantime, many students at Capella find themselves consistently paying for tuition because the administration can’t get their act together and get students out the door once they’ve been locked in their maze of incomprehensible twist and turns.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans if you attended a for-profit university.

Everest College Manipulative and False Statements

The Massachusetts Attorney General is yet another government body to open a lawsuit against Everest College and its parent company Corinthian Colleges Inc. The college has been subjected to multiple investigations, all of which allege that the school used fraudulent actions and misrepresentation to rip off its students and taxpayers in its scam school. Other parties who have launched investigations include the Securities and Exchange Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Education, and at least a dozen other states’ Attorney General Offices.

The Massachusetts lawsuit claims that Everest College would aggressively contact anyone who even looked in their direction and call them repeatedly to the point of harassment. Many claim they were called multiple times per day at any time of the day or night regardless of whether they had any interest in enrolling. Many enrolled to escape the harassing phone calls or were bombarded with well-created lies until they seemed to be the truth.

Everest College was enrolling students based on the fact that they had a pulse and not based on their ability to learn from its programs or even work in the field of study after graduation. Students were asked to sign multiple documents in English even if they couldn’t read or speak the language. They were unknowingly signed up for English-only programs, signed loan agreements, and had no hope of learning from the programs.

Students with criminal records were signed up in health programs even though Everest knew full well that they could never legally work in those fields due to hospital and clinic policies which forbid their hiring. If such students directly asked Everest whether they could work in these fields with a criminal record, they were blatantly lied to and told it was fine. Students were admitted to programs without a GED or high school diploma into fields which specifically require the completion of high school or its equivalency.

Advertising by Everest used manipulative and false statements in order to get students to enroll and would tell students if they didn’t sign the papers to take the seat on the spot they would be forced to wait a year due to limited enrollment in their programs. This was a full out lie as the school had no real space limitations and started new classes every single month.

Accreditation claims were also false and Everest advertised that its school credits were accepted by every accredited school. In reality, no one accepted their credits due to the school’s poor reputation and substandard education. It also lied about externships which were required by the programs for graduation and the externships were rarely available.

Job placement numbers were pulled from the sky! Everest routinely claimed in its sessions that it had 100% job placement for its programs, advertised 72% placement, but only had 23% job placement success. Numbers were falsified through putting students in temp jobs and counting them as successful permanent placements. Salary rates were also magnified magically to several dollars more per hour than anyone entering the fields could hope to earn in their position or state.

All of this deception cost former Everest students and taxpayers an incredible $19,000 in tuition per year per student plus fees and book costs. In the end, these students were unemployable in their fields and were forced to work minimum wage jobs, most of them defaulting on their loans.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans if you attended Everest college.