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Student Loan Forgiveness

You may be able to get your Federal Student Loans forgiven if you qualify for any of the available forgiveness programs. Contact us today to get started.

Income Based Repayment (IBR)

If you are struggling financially, you may qualify for income-based payments. These payments can often equate to $0/month payments, and your loan will still be getting chipped away while in this program.


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Video: How to Manage Your Student Loans

If you're having trouble making payments on your federal student loans, we have several options available to help you manage your debt. Check out this video to learn more about changing repayment plans, postponing or reducing your payments, or combining your federal student loans.

A staggering 44 million people in the United States right now are under the burden of student loan debt. The industry has recently passed its $1.5 trillion mark and shows no signs of stopping. As we enter 2019 it seems the student debt crisis will get worse before it gets better which is why it's more important than ever before to make sure your loans are taken care of.

This means consulting with a loan advisor on your payments, available programs and plan of action for the future. If you are not enrolled into the correct program you could spend years paying down the debt unnecessarily. We also see many people who believe they are in the correct student loan forgiveness 2019 program and spend years thinking they are working their way to forgiveness when they were never correctly enrolled. This means those years do not count and many are starting the clock at one again.

Watch the above video for more information and call us today to speak directly with a loan specialist.

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Betsy DeVos Student Loan Forgiveness

Betsy DeVos Might Bring Changes to Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Betsy DeVos, the President’s nominee for Secretary of Education, might be making some changes to a student loan forgiveness program already in jeopardy, according to Market Watch. During her confirmation process, DeVos was evasive in her written answers when asked about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

Troubled For-Profit University of Phoenix Up For Sale

One of America’s largest for-profit colleges, University of Phoenix, is up for sale. Parent company Apollo Education Group announced Monday it is exploring solutions to turn around the struggling school, including possibly selling it altogether.

Companies Offer to Cover Student Loans

Companies are finding that helping workers repay their student loans brings in more applicants and keeps their workforce happier altogether. More and more businesses are helping workers refinance their debts by giving them additional cash for loan payments, as well as paying their off their lenders. Read more.

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