Platt College Deceptive Practices Complaints

Platt College Deceptive Practices Complaints

Deceptive is the word most used to describe Platt College and its deceptive advertising and habit of misrepresenting its programs. Students interested in the school were told by enrollment of officials that Platt credits would transfer to any school. This turned out to be only one of the inaccuracies Plat used to dupe unknowing prospective students. Once enrolled in the programs, students soon found that no school would accept Platt credits and the only accreditation the school had was what was necessary to run a for-profit enterprise.

Platt’s two year diploma programs cost its students about $25,000 which is far beyond what a similar course at a non-profit community college with transferrable credits. No one in the entire state would take Platt credits so students were unable to transfer out of the program or continue on to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees when their associate degrees were completed.  This turned out to be both a waste of both time and money for Platt students as they discovered Platt’s reputation would make listing them as an education source on resumes a detriment rather than a benefit.

Job placement promises by Platt were also misrepresented. Students promised job placement assistance soon found that all it consisted of was ads from job banks every citizen already had access to and that there were really no job leads or assistance at all.

Platt College instructors have also been criticized harshly. The school promised its students high quality teaching but the reality is that Platt instructors aren’t properly certified to teach at university or college level. Instructors also hadn’t necessarily even worked in the field of employment or were only certified to teach at high school or lower levels. Students then found they learned absolutely nothing useful in classes as the instruction was very poor, lessons were poorly planned, and it was quite clear that the instructors had no experience in the field or with the materials If a student happened to fail a test or exam, they were forced to begin the course over again and pay all associated tuition fees for the class as if they’d never taken it before. These students were not permitted to rewrite a test or exam in order to re-test their knowledge at any point and rather than risk not graduating, many students paid for classes more than once.

The rate of crime on Platt’s campus was quite high and many students complained that they had their property damaged or stolen from their vehicles on campus parking lots or had their vehicles vandalized or stolen. When they’d complain or ask questions regarding student safety in parking lots and the safety of their belongings, students were shifted around from person to person and nothing was ever done to actually address the issues at hand.

Platt graduates found that employers saw the school as a joke and would not hire program graduates. Students speaking to company employees or interviewers were told that Platt had a reputation in the community as providing substandard education and that previous students employed had demonstrated lack of knowledge and proper instruction. As such, employers were no longer willing to even consider Platt graduates for employment. This meant that students were forced to work minimum wage jobs and struggle to make payments on their student financial aid or fall into default status on their loans.

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