University of Phoenix Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

University of Phoenix Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

The university of Phoenix may toot its horn declaring it is a great, convenient, work-at-your-own-pace education provider but that song they’re playing is beginning to fall on deaf ears. The volume of complaints, lawsuits, investigations and poor reviews by current and former students is downright staggering.

A 2009 lawsuit settlement saw UOP forking over $78.5 million in settlements but the battle rages on for those not part of that lawsuit or those who have been bilked and defrauded of their federal and private student loan money. Students who are forced to ditch the program as well as those who manage to graduate, are often left stuck with debt at about 4 times the amount of similar education with not-for-profit model school or public school. Two former employees turned whistleblower alerted the federal government about University of Phoenix’s scams and fraud may have gained the attention of some government bodies, but this doesn’t seem to have caused any real impact.

These whistleblowers claimed that military personnel on GI bills, low-income students, and students who lacked the educational achievements to get into the program were all herded like sheep for the slaughter. The claim that enrollment counselors were paid based on the total number of students enrolled and that their jobs were threatened repeatedly to get their numbers up is rather shocking when you look at those lovely ads everywhere. UOP even has its very own page designed to recruit and target veterans, disabled military service people, and active soldiers who receive federal education funding. Students who don’t qualify for various federal loans designed to help those in need are often charged significantly higher tuition or are disqualified.

Students who were accepted to University of Phoenix’s programs without enough educational background often found they were unable to keep up with the program, had no choice but to drop out, and are still stuck paying the loans. With dropout rates of over 60% and 1 in 4 students in federal or private student loan default, one has to ask why this school is still running.

Graduating students have found that finding a job with their degree (often quadruple the price of a degree at another school) is nearly impossible. Employers do not take degrees from University of Phoenix seriously due to their enrollment practices, dropout rates, default rates, and poor quality education. Those trying to transfer to a more reputable school soon find out that their credits are non-transferrable even though the school claims it’s accredited.

University of Phoenix fraud and scam practices have resulted in an incredible number of lawsuits, investigations, and the school has even been kicked out of the state of California. Lawsuits by former students, former employees, and even their own shareholders have been, or are, on the books. Investigations by multiple government bodies are taking a close work at nearly every aspect of this school’s operations, business practices, and enrollment practices.

If the number of lawsuits and investigations weren’t voluminous enough, the complaints by former and current students online which number in the thousands are sure to be. Student complaints indicate that they were triple charged for classes they never took, that their program changed mid-degree and they had to begin again, that professors and instructors were rude, and that documents they signed which were supposed to be for grants were really for loans. Complaints by students that they are now $50,00-100,000 in debt and not one will hire them and that their wages are being garnished for fees charged that there are no explanation for make up only a few of the statements, reviews, and claims to be found online.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans.


Westwood Colleges Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Westwood Colleges Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Predatory sales practices, fraud, and scamming students are what has hit the fan for Westwood College, a for-profit institution who targeted vulnerable students trying to better their lives. Enrollment counselors hit students with high-pressure sales tactics, misleading information, inaccurate job placement and salary projections in order to boost enrollment at their college. Students who bit the bait ended up with severely overpriced degrees, defaulted federal and private student loans, and no jobs to pay them with.

Students involved in class action lawsuits against Westwood College lodged their lawsuit and complaints that enrollment advisors were much like shady used car dealers and not professionals working in an educational environment. If students questioned tuition, enrollment, or business practices of Westwood College, enrolment advisors would goad them into enrolling by stating they lacked the commitment necessary to better their future or complete an education in their institution.

Job prospects and baseline salaries used to entice potential students were nothing but scams and fraud. Many students were told they would be earning upwards of $65,000 per year within 3 years of graduation but this proved to be nothing more than a sick joke. Perhaps if you added up all of the income from the 2-3 minimum wage jobs former students were forced to work at to pay their loans back it might come close to this amount over a 3 year period. Students claim that they are unable to gain jobs in their field with their degree or diploma which amounts to fire starter material with a $65,000 price tag.

When students looked surprised at the price tag of their degree, financing officials at the school told them this amount was nothing to worry about as the majority of it would be paid with scholarships and grants. Students were told only small balances would trickle over into federal or private student loans and that Westwood College would help them get all the financing they required to complete the program. If students were originally shocked at the pricetags, they were doubly so when they found out there were no grants or scholarships as the school was unaccredited and the total amount of their degree had been taken out in student loans. When the college replied to the lawsuit filed for predatory practices, they claimed they, themselves, were a victim of a predatory law firm and that their high student satisfaction meant the class action lawsuit was unwarranted. The fact that over 800 former students contacted the supposedly predatory law firm to join the suit proves Westwood College’s claim of being victimized was just another one of their lies.

Students exiting the program and unable to find work often attempted to begin further education to increase their prospects only to find out none of their Westwood College credits were transferrable. Due to the majority of students having reached maximum federal student loan amounts and poor credit and income, students were ineligible for private student loans and were forced to work in unrelated minimum wage fields.  While the government has enacted legislation intended to crack down on predatory for-profit schools and plenty of investigations are taking place, those left with their expensive piece of paper and loans in default are not feeling encouraged.

Westwood College former and current student reviews state that this college employs unprofessional, uncaring administrators and instructors who often treated them rudely. Many complaints about loan amounts ending up in third party collections before they were even made aware they owed anything are splattered all over consumer review websites. Students indicate that no school or employer in their state would even recognize their education with Westwood College leaving them stuck between a rock and a hard place. For a website who’s slogan is “Degree of Certainty,” the only thing students can be certain of attending this school is that they’d be better off flushing their money down the toilet along rather than attend Westwood College.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans.


Virginia College Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Virginia College Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Virginia College is facing a lawsuit from seven of its students who claim that the school misrepresented the usefulness of its programs, duped its students, and has practices in place easily seen in its advertising which show it uses discriminatory advertising as a way to target specific groups. These students state the falsehoods presented by the school about job placement and accreditation also are used to commit fraud against their students and the federal government.

Alleged discriminatory advertising predominantly features African-Americans and females in addition to minority groups which violates the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This targets those living in African-American communities in particular which the school allegedly goes out of its way to enroll to gain access to federal financial aid. A two-year course in medical administration costs approximately $35,000, making it well over double the cost at a non-profit school.

The school’s accreditation statements indicated it as being a recognized school, and in some ways it was. It did have the approval of accreditation boards which regulate requirements for medical programs. It wasn’t, however, complying with their regulations in the instructions to its students. One such course required that students complete a total of 10 finger stick blood draws and 30 regular blood draws in order to complete the program.

Students indicated that they had done only 1 finger stick and zero regular blood draws even though the school indicates that students will learn the required skills in class by using each other as the patient. This, according to former students, never happened. Virginia College then claimed that this wasn’t really a problem as externship would provide them the opportunity to learn the required skills and complete the requirements…on real patients. As far as the school is concerned, it’s higher than non-profit costs are well deserved for all the extra services it provides its students. Finding a student to tell you what those value-added services might be the hard part.

A quick look at the school’s advertisements lends credence to the claim that it has targeted specific groups in an effort to profit from specific demographics. Females and African-Americans appear twice as often as other individuals in both their website and other ad copy. The school indicates that advertisement is the responsibility of their marketer and that they were unaware of any specific demographic being targeted.

Lawsuits haven’t stopped the complaints and plenty appear on online message boards from current and former students. They indicate that they have been left buried in tens of thousands in debt, are unable to work, and have nothing to show for the effort they put into their education. All they are left with is loan statements and minimum wage jobs they struggle to survive on once they pay their loan payments…if they’re able to at all. Those who can’t are left with their loans in default, credit destroyed, and will spend the next couple of decades trying to crawl out from the unexpected present Virginia College left them with.

If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or you are being treated poorly as a distressed borrower by your creditors, contact StudentLoanFAQ's and speak to one of our advisors about student loan forgiveness. You may qualify to consolidate or even wipe out your remaining student loans.