Westwood Colleges Fraud And Lawsuit Complaints

When you are going to college, you already have a lot to think about. Not only do you have a long list of classes and plenty of work to tackle each semester, but there are also student loans and everything that comes along with college life. However, if you have been impacted by Westwood Colleges fraud and lawsuit complaints, you should know that you are indeed not alone.

It has been brought to light that Westwood College has been accused of fraud, scamming their students, and a variety of predatory sales practices. Basically speaking, this is a for-profit educational institution that worked to target students who were vulnerable as they worked to better their lives through education. Not only were there enrollment counselors that pressured students with a slew of tactics like inaccurate projections for salaries and job placements, but they also offered misleading information just trying to boost college enrollment. Unfortunately, the students that took the bait ended up with degrees that were dramatically overpriced along with major issues from defaulted private and federal student loans.

The Class Action Lawsuit 

The students that were part of the Westwood Colleges fraud and lawsuit complaints stated that they were hit with all sorts of false claims similar to that which you would get from a shady salesperson. Whenever these students began to question their enrollment or the tuition, the advisors used mind games to try to get them to enroll anyhow. 

There were a number of promises made when it came to potential job prospects and the expected salaries for such jobs after graduation that students quickly found to be false. Instead of earning the $65,000 or more each year that they were told, they were faced with jobs that were not enough to help with paying for the drastically high tuition rates. Some of the students would have to try to get more than one job to even come close to paying back their loans. 

Instead of being transparent with the tuition pricing, school officials simply told the students that the price tag was no big deal and that only smaller balances would be moved over to their private and federal student loans. They were also told by Westwood College officials that they would help them with the financing that they needed, only to find out that there were no scholarships or grants to be had because the school was not even accredited. This meant that the total amount of their degree would have to be taken out in student loans.

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Westwood Colleges Fraud And Lawsuit Complaints